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Sequencing Grade Modified Trypsin

Catalog Number:SRT0202
Storage temperature: -70℃
Source: Sequencing grade modified trypsin is a genetically engineered methylation modified protein expressed in E.coli 
Protein Sequence:The amino acid sequence of sequencing grade modified trypsin is identical to porcine pancreas-derived trypsin
YaxinBio sequencing grade trypsin is a genetically engineered protein expressed in E.coli and the amino acid sequence of recombinant trypsin is identical to porcine pancreas-derived trypsin. Recombinant trypsin is free of any other proteases activities, and TPCK is unnecessary and not contained. Unmodified trypsin is subject to auto-proteolysis, generating fragments that can interfere with protein sequencing or HPLC/MS peptides analysis. YaxinBio’s sequencing grade modified trypsin is recombinant  trypsin modified by reductive methylation, rendering it resistant to proteolytic digestion.

Source Recombinant E. coli
Appearance Clear, colorless liquid
Specific activity ≥4500 USP units/mg pro.
Protein concentrate 0.5mg/ml in 50mM HAC
SDS-PAGE Single major band
Molecular Weight(SDS-PAGE) 24.0±2.4 kDa
Purity(HPLC) ≥95%
1.Dilute recombinant modified trypsin with 50mM HAc if needed. When used, dilute it with 50mM NH4HCO3 or pH7.0-8.0 buffers directly. 1mM CaClis recommended to be contained in digestion buffer. The ratio to aimed protein is 1:20 to 1:100 (w/w), the optimum pH is pH7.0-8.0. 
2. When using this product, thaw it at room temperature, and mix gently before use.
Stability of storage: 1.The solution should be stored under -70℃, It is stable within 24 months.
2.Above 90% activity is remained after kept under 4℃ or 25℃ for 24h.
3.No activity loss after 5 times repeated freezing and thawing.
4. A 0.05 mg/ml solution of sequencing grade modified recombinant trypsin in 50mM NH4HCOis retained above 95% after a 3 hours incubation at 37 ℃ . For long-term such as 20 hours incubation, 1mM CaCl2 is recommended to be contained.
Stability of transport: The product is stable by blue ice insulation transport.
Sequence grade recombinant protein: high specificity,good stability.
Animal origin free: Sequencing grade modified trypsin is no exogenous virus contamination,and any animal origin material is not used in the production process.
Stable quality: Mass production can ensure stable and continuous batch production.It is no difference between the batch and the product quality is stable.
High purity: Higher specific activity.Host protein residues is less than the limits of biological products.
Compliance with regulatory requirements: Production equipment and production environment comply with relevant regulatory requirements, and the production process is in full compliance with NSF ISO 9001: 2015 quality system and GMP guidelines.
Complete quality documents: we can provide relevant regular support files in according to customers’ requirement.
The amino acid sequence of sequencing grade recombinant trypsin is identical to porcine pancreas-derived trypsin,with equivalent properties compared to native trypsin, and there are many advantages, such as no enzyme activity, high stability, non-self-cutting, high activity.When used, it is no non-specific fragments and self-cutting fragments.Sequencing grade recombinant trypsin can replace native trypsin for using in a variety of biotechnological processes,such as specific protein digestion, protein sequencing, peptide mapping, proteomics studies, Z-D peptides on the peptidase digestion.
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